Ant Pest Control


Ant Pest Control

House infesting nuisance ants are common in NW Arkansas. There are a few species of small brownish ants that commonly invade homes. These house-infesting ants include the odorous house ant, Argentine ant, and pharaoh ant. The good news is household nuisance ants generally do not cause damage and pose no particular health risk.banner-ant 

All ants live in colonies dominated by an egg-laying queen and worker ants (females) forage outside the colony for food. Typically, ants are attracted to a variety of food types including carbohydrates (sugars), proteins (meats), fats and oils. Colonies, or “nests”, are located in protected places in walls, under floors, under cabinets, and such and individual colonies can be quite large with thousands of ants in the area.


Your first step should be sanitation. Clean up crumbs, cooking oil, and all sources of water. This alone will go a long way toward reducing ant problems by depriving foraging ants of food and water. Also, patch holes around pipes and wires that pass into the living space. Ants use these “highways” to gain entry from colonies located in walls, the crawlspace, and so forth.

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